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Thank you for your interest in our products.

How to order

Option 1 : Simply email us
Simply email us, your name, address, phone number, product names you would like to purchase :
We will reply with total price include shipment.
We accept PayPal payment. We ship your order by DHL service. Or by Post but the post offices in the world have got logistics disruption at this time.
You are able to avoid paying Japanese VAT (10%).
For international shipping, we cannot accept return.

Option 2 : Order via the Buyee service
You can place an order our products via the service of Buyee as you can see a banner under our website if you are out of Japan. You need to get an account of Buyee.
Please put the products into the cart. This cart is virtual cart of Buyee, so you can easily make the payment with your credit card, Paypal etc. at Buyee.
You can see the price of shipment at
If you want to calculate the shipping fee, I will tell you the size and weight of your parcel. But the Buyee will repack the parcel at their warehouse for international shipping.
***Please note the DHL, UPS, FedEx takes fuel surcharge on the price of shipment.
The fuel surcharge is around 10% to 34%. It changes every month.
After you place an order and pay for the products at Buyee, we ship the products to Buyee, then they will notice you the price of the international shipment.
After you make the payment for the shipping, they will ship you the parcel within a few days.
You can combine your shopping at the Buyee warehouse with other shopping from any stores, installed Buyee in Japan.
The cost of the shipment will be reasonable if you gather your shopping to Buyee warehouse.

Option 3 : Buy from the distributors below :
Find a distributor close to your place or your country. Please contact them. Even if they don’t have stock at the moment, they might be possible to have stock with next order. Some distributors don't retail sales. In this case, please ask them where you can buy.

*Here is our overseas partners.

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