Aircraft Photo Book No.4 "Grumman EA-6B Prowler"

Aircraft Photo Book No.4
"Grumman EA-6B Prowler"

***当タイトルは別ページに掲載している「エアクラフトフォトブック No.4 グラマン EA-6B プラウラー」と同じ商品となりますのでご注意ください。

Condensed the charm of the electronic warfare Prowler into this one book!
Prowler's flight and detailed photos of each part are posted abundantly, and it approaches its charm.

Prowler passed the baton to the EA-18G Growler in March 2019 after nearly 50 years of service.
In this book, we will post many pictures that show the flight of the Prowler and the details of each part, and convey its charm.
Detailed photos are introduced by selecting parts that are useful for modeling.
Also, there is an article about the VMAQ-2 Death Jesters who operated the Prowler at the end, so you can enjoy the finale of the Prowler.

In the pages of modeling guide, 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144 scale models were made, including the models by Mr.Kenji Yanai and Mr.Hasegawa Meijin.
Once again, please enjoy the EA-6B Prowler with this book.

- EA-6B Prowler photographs
- Explanation of the Prowler
- Detail photos
- Prowler photo collection
- Last operational unit of Prowler "VMAQ-2 Death Jesters” Last Flight
・"Death Jesters" interview
・Last photo mission
・Send-off party
・Break-up ceremony
- EA-6B Prowler Squadron Perfect Guide
- EA-6B Prowler Illustrations

Modeling Guide
・VAQ-209 by Kenji Yanai "Kinetic 1/48"
・VMAQ-2 by Hasegawa Meijin "Kinetic 1/48"
・VAQ-136 by Hong Hwan Jang "Kinetic 1/48"
・VAQ-134 Daichi Ishiura "Kinetic 1/48"
・VAQ-136 Lee Chang Kyung "Hasegawa 1/72"
・VAQ-129 by Masahide Shirota "Platz / Dragon 1/144"
・VAQ-130 by Lee Chang Gyong "Platz / Dragon 1/144"

●Language : Japanese
●SIZE : A4 (210mm×297mm)
●Published by MODEL ART Japan
●Date of issue : Dec. 13, 2022
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