《vs-88》 No.88:Story of Equipment That You Can't Ask About Now

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日本海軍 航空母艦「龍鳳」(ピットロード 1/700)打木進太郎
プラ製装備品パーツの組み立てと塗装手順を見る 渡辺真郎
日本海軍 航空母艦の装備品 佐藤美夫
日本海軍 航空母艦「雲龍」(アオシマ 1/700)佐藤美夫
日本海軍 航空母艦「蒼龍」(アオシマ 1/700)内藤良和
日本海軍 航空母艦「ホーネット改」(タミヤ 1/700 改造)ねりごま船渠
飛行甲板を彩る 1/700 艦載機の世界 酒本 徹

【特別記事】日本初の空母発着艦実験を 5 つの場面で再現する
日本海軍 航空母艦「鳳翔」大正 12 年 2 月(フジミ 1/700)大谷 貢

九六式 25仍囲∩機銃(ピットロード 1/35)・主錨/副錨(タコム 1/16)近藤 靖

海上自衛隊 護衛艦「くまの」(ピットロード 1/700)ナヲツグ

ハイブリ! 工作船の脅威(後編)ミズグチ・アカザー・シャクライ
世界の客船 「くれない丸」「むらさき丸」西村慶明
艦船ソリッドモデル入門 航海練習船「大成丸」
日本海軍艦船図鑑 九六式 110 糎探照燈 佐藤邦彦


Vessel Model Special No.88</span> ●Special Feature: Unveiling the Secrets of Equipment

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This is a new series that shines a spotlight on equipment such as machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, and onboard boats.
Focusing on plastic aftermarket detail-up parts like the 1/700 WL Series 'Large Boat Armament Parts Set' (commonly known as the shared W runner), Pit-Road's 'New Ship Equipment Set,' and Fine Molds' 'Nano Dread Series,' we delve deep into each of these.

In this edition, we focus on "Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers," listing the required quantity of equipment for the major Japanese Navy carriers' 1/700 kits. Additionally, we provide detailed instructions on how to assemble and paint each part.

Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier "Ryuhou" (Pit-Road 1/700) by Shintaro Uchiki
Assembling and Painting Plastic Equipment Parts - Wataru Nambu
Equipment of Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers - Mio Sato
Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier "Unryu" (Aoshima 1/700) by Mio Sato
Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier "Soryu" (Aoshima 1/700) by Yoshikazu Naito
Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier "Hornet Kai" (Modified Tamiya 1/700) by Nerigoma Shipyard
Bringing Life to the Flight Decks - The World of 1/700 Carrier Aircraft by Tohru Sakamoto

[Released on May 15, 2023]
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