《kse-54》Masao Watanabe's Ship Model Master DVD & Magazine

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渡辺真郎の艦船モデル・マスターDVD&MAGAZINE -基本編- 1/700 日本海軍 戦艦大和をつくる

艦船模型スペシャルなど模型専門誌で活躍中の渡辺真郎氏が自身のノウハウをもとにレクチャーするDVDとMAGAZINE。今回は基本編ということで最小限のツールマテリアル類で効率よく作業をし完成させる方法を映像と誌面でわかりやすく解説。製作するキットはタミヤ1/700 日本戦艦 大和。パーツの切り離しから組み立て、塗装、ウェザリングまで基礎テクニックを全て公開。各ツールとマテリアルの使い方と意味もしっかり解説。映像は手元カメラも多く多用し渡辺氏が細かい作業はどうするのかがよく分かる内容。本の方では17のチャプターで何がポイントか紹介しています。またコメンテーターとしてプロモデラー長谷川迷人も参加。初めて艦船模型を作る人、基礎テクニックを再確認したい人、渡辺氏のノウハウを知りたい人におススメの商品です

40ページ+DVD1枚(180分収録) 3520円(税込み)


Masao Watanabe's Ship Model Master DVD & Magazine

A DVD and MAGAZINE lecture series by Wataru Nambu, a prominent figure in the world of ship modeling featured in specialized model magazines like Ship Model Special.
Drawing on his expertise, this edition focuses on the basics, presenting an efficient approach to completing projects using minimal tools and materials.
Through both visual demonstrations and written explanations, you'll find step-by-step guidance on building the Tamiya 1/700 Japanese Battleship Yamato. From part separation to assembly, painting, and weathering, foundational techniques are thoroughly unveiled.
The use and significance of each tool and material are clearly explained.

The video employs close-up shots, allowing you to closely observe Nambu's meticulous work. The accompanying book presents 17 chapters highlighting key points. In addition, professional modeler Meito Hasegawa joins as a commentator.
This product is recommended for beginners venturing into ship modeling, individuals seeking to refresh their foundational skills, and those eager to learn Wataru Nambu's techniques.

Basic Edition - Building the 1/700 Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato

DVD : NTSC/180min

Released on June 27, 2023.
40 pages, 3520 yen (tax included).
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