《7227》1/72 RF-4E エプロンセットA
1/72 RF-4E Apron Set A

型番 4573322751937
在庫状況 在庫 4 個 売切れ間近!
《7227》1/72 RF-4E エプロンセットA


【セット内容】 カメラベイドアのフレーム/インテークカバー/レガース/TATセンサーカバー/工具品/チョーク/搭乗ラダー



1/72 RF-4E Apron Set A (Item #7227)
An Ideal Kit for Replicating Parked RF-4E

In order to faithfully recreate a parked RF-4E, we have meticulously 3D-modeled and 3D-printed small parts such as the camera bay door frame and intake covers. The camera bay door frame can be attached to the back of the kit's clear parts, allowing you to depict it in an open state, designed to match the KS-127A configuration. Additionally, the set includes intake covers, leg braces (maintenance parts to prevent accidental folding of the landing gear actuators), TAT sensor covers, chocks, toolboxes, ladders for boarding, and more. These items can be attached to the aircraft or placed nearby during parking.

Set Contents: Camera Bay Door Frame / Intake Covers / Leg Braces / TAT Sensor Cover / Tool Items / Chocks / Boarding Ladder

Scheduled for Release in Late September 2023

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