《vs-90》艦船模型スペシャルNo.90 Japanese Navy : All About Destroyer Type-A

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●特集:日本海軍 甲型駆逐艦のすべて(陽炎型編)


駆逐艦「雪風」天一号作戦(ハセガワ 1/350)渡辺真郎
駆逐艦「雪風」1945(ピットロード 1/700)佐藤美夫
駆逐艦「陽炎」就役時(ピットロード 1/700)打木進太郎
解説:陽炎型駆逐艦の装備と兵装 山崎剛
駆逐艦「浜風」1942・「秋雲」1943・「磯風」1945(アオシマ 1/700)酒本徹
駆逐艦「不知火」「秋雲」(フジミ 1/700)座間伴太
駆逐艦「濱風」「雪風」(フジミ 1/700)内藤良和
駆逐艦「天津風」1945・「天津風」改二(アオシマ 1/700 改造)ねりごま船渠
駆逐艦「早波」「夕雲」「風雲」(ハセガワ / フジミ / ピットロード 1/700)李昌慶

本海軍艦船図鑑:戦艦「扶桑」の後檣と煙突 佐藤邦彦
ラベールアーカイブス:エレール 1/400 フランス潜水艦「シュルクーフ」河野嘉之


A4判 136ページ

All About the Japanese Navy Type A Destroyers
(Kagero-class Edition)

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Unrestricted by the limitations of disarmament treaties, this feature focuses on the culmination of the Japanese Navy's fleet-type destroyers, known as the "Type A Destroyers." These ships were designed to improve restorative capabilities, learning from the lessons of the Tomozuru Incident and the Fourth Fleet Incident. In this edition, we showcase the detailed profiles of all 19 ships under the Kagero-class, meticulously investigating the evolution of each ship's armament and providing in-depth explanations. Model examples in 1/700 and 1/350 scales have been crafted.

【Model Examples】
Destroyer "Yukikaze" Operation Ten Ichi Go (Hasegawa 1/350)
Destroyer "Yukikaze" 1945 (Pit-Road 1/700)
Destroyer "Kagero" Commissioning (Pit-Road 1/700)
Commentary: Equipment and Armament of Kagero-class Destroyers
Destroyers "Hamakaze" 1942, "Akigumo" 1943, "Isokaze" 1945 (Aoshima 1/700)
Destroyers "Shiranui" and "Akigumo" (Fujimi 1/700)
Destroyers "Hamakaze" and "Yukikaze" (Fujimi 1/700)
Destroyers "Amatsukaze" 1945 and "Amatsukaze" Kai Ni (Aoshima 1/700, modified)
Destroyers "Hayanami," "Yuugumo," and "Kazagumo" (Hasegawa / Fujimi / Pit-Road 1/700)

World Passenger Ships: "City of New York"
Introduction to Solid Ship Models: Dutch Passenger Ship "Norsun"
Naval Ship Encyclopedia: Aftermast and Funnel of Battleship "Fuso"
Laivue Archive: Heller 1/400 French Submarine "Surcouf"

Reader Information Corner "Denshokan"

Release Date: November 15, 2023
Format: A4 size, 136 pages

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