《4848》1/48 AN/AAQ-33 スナイパーポッド
1/48 AN/AAQ-33 Sniper Targeting Pod

型番 4573322752101
在庫状況 在庫 7 売切れ間近!
《4848》1/48 AN/AAQ-33 スナイパーポッド

※ハセガワ 1/48 F-2に組み込む時は、若干の調整が必要になります

先端のカメラ搭載部分は対象に向けて回転することができるようになっています。キットでも別パ ーツ化で任意の角度で組み立てることができます。カメラのレンズとガラス面は透明レジン製の別パーツになっています。



《4848》1/48 AN/AAQ-33 1/48 AN/AAQ-33 Sniper Targeting Pod

We are modeling in 3D and 3D printing to achieve detailed design. The front camera section can rotate towards the target, and it's possible to assemble it at any angle with separate parts in the kit. The camera lens and glass surface are separate parts made of transparent resin.
*Due to being 3D printed with transparent resin, it may not be completely transparent in the kit.
*Templates are included to replace the three glass surfaces with 0.3mm thick transparent plastic sheets.

We are creating a detailed 3D model of the AN/AAQ-33 using 3D modeling and 3D printing. The shape of the pylon exclusive to the F-2 is accurately reproduced.
*The pylon is shaped to fit the #RafAvi F-2A intake (4827, 4828).
*Templates for hole positioning for attachment screw holes are included.
*Some adjustments may be necessary when integrating it into the Hasegawa 1/48 F-2.

What is AN/AAQ-33?
The AN/AAQ-33 is a U.S.-made targeting pod that can assist in navigation during bad weather or at night using optical sensors, locate targets, and guide laser-guided bombs by emitting lasers. It's adopted for the F-2 by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and is mounted on the intake right side through a dedicated pylon, unlike the F-16. Currently, it seems to be undergoing operational tests mounted on aircraft number 540.
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