《mdp-35》 スーパーイラストレーション 新版 日本海軍戦艦大和
IJN BATTLESHIP 'YAMATO' - Japanese/English Bilingual Edition

型番 4573322752187

- 日本語・英語の併記
- 以前販売していた当タイトルとは異なり、W630mm×H891mmサイズの折り込み図面は別紙での提供となります。
- 本と別紙の2枚を商品パッケージ袋に梱包し納品いたします。

●新資料の発見、水中探査により明らかにされた不明点を岡本好司氏が新たに描き起こしたイラスト200点を加えた「大和」最新のイラスト集、「スーパーイラストレーション 新版 日本海軍 戦艦大和」です


●1993年に発行した「スーパーイラストレーション 日本海軍 戦艦大和」以降に明らかとなった多くの箇所を新規に描き起こし、イラスト約200枚以上を加えた「戦艦 大和」イラスト集です

●内容紹介 ・模型図で見る「大和」の変遷


《kse-59》スーパーイラストレーションNo.4 日本海軍戦艦金剛
IJN BATTLESHIP KONGO - Bilingual Edition


Super illustlation Series
- Japanese/English Bilingual Edition

The newly released edition from 2016 had temporarily gone out of print, but we are pleased to announce its reprint.

【Product Information】
- Bilingual Edition in Japanese and English
- Unlike the previously sold title, this edition includes two separate folded diagrams sized W630mm×H891mm. We will package the book and the two separate sheets together in the product package.
*The content remains unchanged.

● Based on new discoveries and underwater explorations that revealed previously unknown details, this edition by Yoshihiko Okamoto includes 200 new illustrations, presenting the latest illustrations of the "Yamato" in "Super Illustration New Edition: Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato."

● The battleship Yamato, sunk in the East China Sea, has been shrouded in mystery. After the war, its true nature was revealed, and new discoveries, along with underwater explorations in 1999, have gradually clarified the uncertainties.

● Based on new findings and information since the publication of "Super Illustration: Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship Yamato" in 1993, this new edition includes redrawn illustrations, adding over 200 new illustrations to the "Battleship Yamato" collection.

● Content Overview:
- Evolution of the "Yamato" as seen in model diagrams
- Comprehensive view of the "Yamato" in sectional drawings
- Deck equipment, ventilation openings, bridge structure diagrams, artillery,
engineering weapons, radio weapons, gunnery command devices, aviation equipment & shipborne boats, and naval notes

● Total number of illustrations: 260 points
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