《mda-006》 カルビン・タンのフィギュア・ペインティングDVD初級編日本語字幕版
Calvin Tan's Basic Guide to Figure Painting/NTSC

型番 mda-006-NTSC


タミヤ1/35のフィギュアを使って、塗り方をレクチャーします。 まずは基本を学ぶ初級編でカルビン先生の技をマスターしよう!映像内ではカルビン・タン氏が愛用する水性塗料のヴァレホとタミヤカラー、水性絵具で塗装します。

Chapter 1  Making A Wet Palette ウェット・バレットをつくる
Chapter 2  Basic Brush Painting Technique 筆塗りテクニックの基本
Chapter 3  Priming The Figure フィギュアの下地をつくる
Chapter 4  Painting of the Face 顔を塗る
Chapter 5  Painting of the Hands 手を塗る
Chapter 6  Painting of the Uniform - Part 1: The Front 戦闘服を塗る パート1:正面

Chapter 7  Painting of the Uniform - Part 2: The Back 戦闘服を塗る パート2:背面
Chapter 8  Painting of the boots ブーツを塗る
Chapter 9  Painting the Headgear ヘッドギアを塗る
Chapter 10 Rendering Basic Light and Shadow 光と影の表現
Chapter 11 Painting the Final Details 最終的なディテールの塗装
Special 1  Painting of the Shoulder Patch ショルダーパッチの塗装
Special 2  Painting the Helmet ヘルメットの塗装

DVD2枚組 約210分収録

Calvin Tan's Basic Guide to Figure Painting - NTSC

English / Subtitles:Japanese / 2 discs / 210 minutes / NTSC / Region free

This is NTSC format.
It can be played on NTSC DVD player.
Or it can be played on PC.

****** Calvin Tan Profile ******
One of the best figure painters in the world.
He won many gold medals at model competitions such as the Euro Militaire.

This is a comment in the Calvin Tan's website.
"Here is my take on Tamiya's most recent (at least to my knowledge) figure painted for the instructional DVD produced by Model Art magazine. I would like to emphasize that NO additions have been made to this figure and the final result is all due to good ol' fashion hand painting (and maybe a spray can or two for the primer). This instructional DVD was developed for the beginner armor and diorama modeller in mind; in which I will demonstrate a variety of easy to master techniques employed to attain this final result. Topics include proper paint application techniques, choice of brushes as well as some little tricks and short cuts I have developed over the years painting figures. Bear in mind that it is not a continuous record of the painting process but a showcase of techniques for any modeler of different skill levels to incorporate into their repertoire of techniques. "
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