《kse-42》 ショートノーズF-4ファントムII 細部写真集
F-4 PHANTOM II SHORT NOCE - Detail Photo Collection

型番 4910123200910

ショートノーズF-4ファントムII 細部写真集


A4判 176ページ


Short-Nose F-4 Phantom II Detailed Photo Collection

Experience the entire Short-Nose Phantom of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force

Sample page available here!
※Model Art Official note

The Navy variant known as Short-Nose and the early Air Force version of the Phantom II are revived on the pages of this publication. Packed with valuable photographs from intense combat scenes to detailed shots like the cockpit, this collection is a treasure trove of imagery. It also offers ample reading material, including the developmental history, combat records, and explanations of each variant. Furthermore, a significant portion of the pages is dedicated to one of the Phantom's attractions: its colorful paint schemes and markings.

Price: 2,970 yen (including tax)
Size: A4, 176 pages
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