《mdp-32》 F-4 PHANTOM II Photobook & Modeling Guide "The Glorious 301SQ" - English edition

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JASDF F-4 PHANTOM II Photobook & modeling guide “The Glorious 301 Squadron”

Limited English edition.

***当タイトルは別ページに掲載している「航空自衛隊F-4ファントムII 写真集&モデリングガイド 栄光の301」の英語版となりますのでご注意ください。

Large volume reference book includes unpublished materials.

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We are happy to announce publishing the JASDF F-4 Phantom II English edition which was published as Japanese edition in 2021.
We hope this book will be a useful / informative reference for those who are fans of F-4 Phantom II.

● Illustration & description
About the basic paintings - Former painting version / New painting version
The last chapter of the F-4
· Final year anniversary special painting - Yellow (37-8315) · Blue (07-8436)
· The last days in Hyakuri 1-4
· Spotter's eye at the shooting points
· Final layout of cockpit in detail
● Photo file of the 301st Squadron
● Behind the scenes
· Re-maintenance of drag chute
· Equipment used on the flight line
· Self-propelled engine starter KM-3
· 3t towing vehicle for aircraft
● Paintings and markings of TAC Air Meets
· Virtual Enemy Aircraft
· Founding Anniversary Aircrafts

● Modeling guide
· 1:48 F-4EJ Kai Phantom II - 5th Air Wing - the 301st Squadron F-4EJ Kai 427 - Nyutabaru Air Base / Phantom Forever 2020
· 1:72 F-4EJ Phantom II - 1980 TAC Air Meet - Ferris camouflage
· 1:32 JASDF F-4EJ Phantom II - "MiG Phantom"
· 1:48 F-4EJ Kai Phantom II - "First Moo-Moo"
· 1:72 F-4EJ Kai Phantom II - The 301st Squadron 20th anniversary painted aircraft
· 1:48 Kawasaki T-4 - The 301st Squadron
· 1:72 T-33A - The 301st Squadron

This book describes the final daily training of the 301st Squadron at the Hyakuri base before moving to Misawa due to the model reorganization of the 301st Squadron, which operated the F-4EJ Kai Phantom II until the end as the JASDF’s squadron.
Then, focusing on the basic painting, color guides for aircraft that participated in the Tactical Air Meet, and modeling guides for F-4EJ, F-4EJ Kai, T-33A, and T-4 plastic models carefully selected from among many.
In the first half of “Photo collection of the last chapter of the F-4”, we selected not only Phantoms, but also photos, which show the facial expressions and movements of the pilots and the grand crew who are in operation. Of course, we also prepared photos and painting patterns of the last year commemorative painting aircrafts.
In the middle, old photographs including F-4EJ and T-33A operated by the 301st Squadron are collected and configured to serve as references for painting and marking at that time.
Furthermore, the machineries that remain behind-the-scenes such as the towing vehicles and engine starters vehicles as well as the scenes maintaining a drag chute are introduced.
Due to the number of pages, all of the TAC Air Meet painting aircrafts can’t be introduced, but we chose some that look especially good for modeling.

It is composed of the painting examples from the substantial materials along with illustrations and photographs which recommend you to keep in your hand. With the cooperation of the alumnus who was in charge of painting at that time, we were able to incorporate a lot of unpublished information. Also, regarding the Mig Silhouette aircraft, which cannot be missed when talking about painting and marking of the 301st Squadron, we were able to turn it in to a more accurate painting guide which include the interview information with the alumnus who actually worked on painting at that time.
Considering the long operating period of F-4 of the 301st Squadron, it cannot be completely covered all contents in the limited pages, but we tried to put all the interview materials, which we have at hand, in this book. We hope this reference book will be the best for all modelers in the world.

Planning and supervision: Isami Akiyama


There is a mistake in the photographer's name in the "F-4 PHANTOM II Photobook & Modeling Guide - English edition”.
We apologize for the mistake.

Correct:Tsuneharu Kuwahara
Incorrect:Tsuneji Kuwahara

「航空自衛隊F-4ファントムII 写真集&モデリングガイド 「栄光の301」英語版にてフォトグラファーの氏名に誤表記がございました。訂正してお詫び申し上げます。
正:Tsuneharu Kuwahara
誤:Tsuneji Kuwahara

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