《kse-51》航空自衛隊RF-4E 写真集&モデリングガイド
JASDF RF-4E Photo Book & Modeling Guide

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航空自衛隊RF-4E 写真集&モデリングガイド

JASDF PHOTO BOOKシリーズ最新号は長く航空自衛隊の「眼」となり活躍した、偵察型ファントムをクローズアップ!今回はRF-4Eに絞り、機体のアウトライン、外面塗装などを精密イラストで解説。従来の写真集より、さらに細部写真の充実を図り、まるで実機を眺め回すような迫力の内容となっています。新規撮り下ろし写真を含むモデリングガイドも充実!




●Recon Phantom Final


・ハセガワ 1/72 RF-4E ファントム供斃両緻尊漫
・ハセガワ 1/48 RF-4E ファントム供收鐔冖尊漫


JASDF RF-4E Photo Book & Modeling Guide
The latest edition of the JASDF PHOTO BOOK series focuses on the reconnaissance type Phantom that has long been the "eyes" of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

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This time, the RF-4E model is featured, and its precise outline and external paint are explained with detailed illustrations.
The content is more powerful than previous photo books, with even more detailed photos, giving the feeling of viewing the actual aircraft.
A modeling guide, including newly taken photos, is also included.
The contents include:

●RF-4E Photo Album:
- A photo book of reconnaissance type Phantom operations

●Illustrations and Explanations:
-RF-4E four-side views (1/72) and the external paint of RF-4E

●RF-4E Thorough Analysis:
-Detailed photo files

●Recon Phantom Final:
-Final commemorative paint

●Modeling Guide:
- Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4E Phantom II【offshore camouflag】
- Hasegawa 1/48 RF-4E Phantom II 【tactical camouflage】.

Released on February 27, 2023
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