kse-53 プラモデルテクニックガイド3 「初代」の工作実践編
kse-53 Plamodel Technique Guide 3: "First Generation"

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プラモデルテクニックガイド3 「初代」の工作実践編

大好評「初代」のプラモデルテクニックガイドシリーズの第3 弾! いよいよ工作に関する具体的なテクニックを伝授。プラバーツ製造の仕組みから発生する修整箇所処理の具体的方法、接着の基磯知識・実践を踏まえ、無接着でのはめ込み式組み立てにまで挑む意欲的な内容です。勿論おなじみの図解や写真を駆使し、プラモデルを素編みで120%楽しむための新感覚テクニックです。合理的にストレートにきっちり完成させてみよう!

●ベーシック〜目的のために〜 ゲートにまつわるエトセトラ、作ること 組むこと 嵌めること
●ドキュメント〜ディスカバリー号製作72時間〜 (実践!合理的に組み立てる)

Plamodel Technique Guide 3: "First Generation" Construction Practice Edition. This highly popular series of Plamodel Technique Guides continues with its third volume, which focuses on providing specific construction techniques for model building.

Starting with the manufacturing process of plastic parts and how to properly adjust and refine them, the book goes on to cover adhesive knowledge and practical applications, as well as challenging the reader to try their hand at snap-fit assembly without the use of adhesives.
With clear diagrams and photographs, this guide offers a new perspective on techniques for enjoying model building to the fullest.

Other topics covered include cutting, grinding, and sanding techniques, as well as assembly and fitting tips, making it an indispensable guide for beginners and experienced model builders alike.

"Always: The Plamodel of Bad Kids" - Cutting Edge Techniques!!
"Basic: For the Purpose" - Et Cetera Regarding Gates, Building, and Fitting
"Documentary: Building the Discovery in 72 Hours" - Practical, Efficient Assembly

Released on April 28, 2023.
128 pages, 2,310 yen (tax included).
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