《kse-55》Air Craft Modeling # Aerial Photography

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いま流行り(これから?)の擬似空撮本が出ます! 飛行機プラモ空撮「ソラ撮(トリ)」! 三人三様のアプローチでの擬似空撮! 勿論スケールモデル飛行機だけでなくキャラクター空物にも応用出来る撮影/製作ノウハウもバッチリ掲載。(文:たのおま@72lab) また航空カメラマンの黒澤英介氏とモデラーたのおま氏の対談も掲載。 通常のカメラでの撮影のノウハウはもちろんのことiPhoneでの撮影と編集方法もバッチリ掲載。

B5判 140ページ

Air Craft Modeling # Aerial Photography

Mastering the Art of Airborne Realism: A Guide to Crafting and Photographing Airplane Models in Flight

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Guided by a professitonal aviation hotographer and two skilled specialists, this comprehensive guide unveils the captivating techniques behind capturing stunning images of your aircraft model soaring through the skies.
With three distinct approaches, you'll learn how to expertly capture the essence of flight. This guide not only imparts photography skills, but also offers invaluable tips to enhance your model kit for the perfect shot.
Whether using a camera or iPhone, elevate your photograph and bring your models to life like true works of aviation art.

Hasegawa1/72 T-4 Blue Impulse
Fine Molds 1/72 JASDF F-2
GWH 1/72 F-15DJ
Hasegawa 1/48 MitubishiF-2A
[Released on July 18. 2023]
Size:B5 140pages

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