《4842》1/48 XASM-3(2発セット)
1/48 XASM-3(2sets)

型番 4573322751968
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《4842》1/48 XASM-3(2発セット)


2023.08.31 発売


《4842》1/48 XASM-3(2 sets

Reproduction of XASM-3 Air-to-Ship Missile through 3D Modeling and 3D Printing.

The ASM-3, developed in Japan as the successor to the ASM-2, is an air-to-ship guided missile.
Equipped with a ramjet engine and rocket booster, it is capable of maintaining supersonic speeds while launching from beyond the interception range of target vessels.
Although development is now complete and production of an improved version has been confirmed, this model focuses on replicating the appearance of the original XASM-3 during its developmental phase.
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