《4855》1/48 T-4 キャノピーフレーム(閉)
1/48 T-4 Canopy Frame (Closed)

型番 4573322752255

《4855》1/48 T-4 キャノピーフレーム(閉)

br> T-4は訓練機ということもあり、キャノピーが大きく、内側のディテールもはっきりと見えるものになっています。




This product is available for pre-order. The release date is an estimate. Please understand that there may be delays.

《4855》1/48 T-4 Canopy Frame (Closed)

The internal structure of the T-4 canopy is meticulously modeled with 3D printing and 3D modeling. As the T-4 is a trainer aircraft, the canopy is large, making the interior details clearly visible.

This model reproduces the frame visible inside the canopy, nuts securing the glass, anti-fog air pipes, and the frame of the blast shield separating the front and rear seats.

* The canopy uses parts from the kit.
* The glass surface of the blast shield needs to be cut from a clear plastic sheet according to the template provided in the instructions.
* This model is intended to be used with the canopy in the closed position, so the locking tabs on the bottom of the frame are not reproduced.

Scheduled for release in late June 2024.
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