TMG11: AFV Painting Techniques by Paint Type

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Tank Modeling Guide 11
AFV Painting Techniques by Paint Type

The traditional Tank Modeling Guide series has focused on painting/weathering techniques for specific items (vehicles). However, this time, it's an explanation of "individual painting methods for each paint." Modelers and writers prefer different paints. Taking into account these varying preferences, this edition centers on painting techniques specific to each paint, aiming for a "deeper understanding and improvement" of the chosen paints, along with introducing corresponding weathering techniques. It's also an opportunity for those curious about other paints they haven't used before, sparking a "new challenge."

[ AFV Painting Techniquesby Paint Type ]

● Paint Types and Their Applications
□ Lacquer Paints
☆★☆ XF-61
● Tamiya Lacquer Paint "German 3-color Camouflage" Example: Tamiya
1/35 German Tank/70(A)
● GSI Creos Mr. Color "NATO Camouflage" Example: MENG 1/35 Leopard 2A7
● Gaia Notes Gaia Color "Soviet Army Dark Green Paint" Example: Border Model 1/35 Soviet Tank Apocalypse
□ Acrylic Paints
● Tamiya Acrylic Paint "JGSDF Aggressor Camouflage" Example: Hobby Japan 1/35 Type 74 Tank Evaluation Support Team
● AK Interactive 3G "Croatian Army Camouflage" Example: MiniArt 1/35 T-34/85 Yugoslav Wars
● GSI Creos Aqueous Hobby Color "German Tropical Camouflage" Example: Dragon T-34/76 German Army
Enamel Paint Application ● Tamiya Enamel Paint "French Army Camouflage" Example: Tamiya 1/35 French Car R35
Acrylic Gouache (Water-based Acrylic Paint) Application
● Turner Acrylic Gouache "German Army Camouflage" Example: Tamiya German Marder II Tank Destroyer
Monotone Painting with Enamel and Acrylic Paints
● Tamiya Enamel Paint "Post-war British Army Dark Green Camouflage"
Example: Tamiya 1/35 British Car Centurion Mk. (Display Model)
● Model Master Acrylic Paint "Marine Corps Green Camouflage" Example: Takom 1/35 M103A1

Released on October 30, 2023
B5 Size, Full Color, 136 Pages
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