《kse-62》TMG12「ヘッツァー駆逐戦車 プロフィール&モデリングガイド」Hetzer Tank Destroyer: A Profile & Modeling Guide

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「ヘッツァー駆逐戦車 プロフィール&モデリングガイド」



初期生産車(単色塗装) アカデミー、初期生産車(3色迷彩) タコム、中期生産車(光と影迷彩) タミヤ、後期生産車(冬季迷彩) タコム(フルインテリア)、指揮車型(雲形迷彩) ドラゴン、シュタール型(BMM社迷彩) トランペッター

○開発史と変遷を詳細解説:寺田 光男
○ドイツ軍 軽駆逐戦車38ヘッツァーを配備した駆逐戦車中隊の編制: STEINER
〇ヘッツァー駆逐戦車初期生産車仕様 1944年4月BMM社製造
 アカデミー 1/35 ヘッツァー 前期型:土居 雅博
 タコム 1/35 38式軽駆逐戦車 ヘッツァー前期型 (インテリア無し限定版):安田 征策
〇ヘッツァー駆逐戦車 1944年8月BMM社生産車
 タミヤ 1/35 ドイツ駆逐戦車 ヘッツァー 中期生産車:青木 秀之
 タコム 1/35 38式軽駆逐戦車 ヘッツァー 後期型w/フルインテリア:井上 裕太
 ドラゴン 1/35 WW.II ドイツ軍 駆逐戦車ヘッツァー 指揮戦車:水落 竜行
 トランペッター 1/35 ドイツ軍 駆逐戦車 “シュタール” :なつき ハマーン・カーン


Tank Modeling Guide Series 12

JAGDPANZER 38 HETZER : A Profile & Modeling Guide
Among the various combat weapons of the German military, the 'Hetzer' tank destroyer stood out as the most excellent combat vehicle with low production costs and maintained a certain level of offensive and defensive capabilities. Although there were constraints due to its base being a small vehicle, over 2,800 units were produced in about a year, allowing each infantry division to possess its own armored force. If it had appeared just one year earlier, the course of the later battles of the German military might have been different...
We will recreate this Hetzer with actual vehicle materials (development history, structure and evolution, detailed photos) and model examples (1/35 scale) in this magazine.

● Profile Section
Detailed explanations of its development history, structure and evolution will be provided with abundant information, including contemporary photographs, detailed photos of existing vehicles, and detailed illustrations.

● 1/35 Modeling Section
- Early Production Model (Single Color Paint) - Academy
- Early Production Model (3-color Camouflage) - Takom
- Mid-term Production Model (Light and Shadow Camouflage) - Tamiya
- Late Production Model (Winter Camouflage with Full Interior) - Takom
- Command Vehicle Type (Cloud Camouflage) - Dragon
- Star Type (BMM Company Camouflage) - Trumpeter

- Detailed Explanation of Development History and Change
- Organization of Tank Destroyer Companies Equipped with German Light Tank Destroyer 38 "Hetzer": STEINER 62
【Detailed Explanation of Development History and Change】
- Organization of Tank Destroyer Companies Equipped with German Light Tank Destroyer 38 "Hetzer": STEINER 62

【Modeling Guide Section】
- Hetzer Tank Destroyer Early Production Version, April 1944, BMM Manufacturing
- Saukopf Mantlet Armor Type
- Academy 1/35 Hetzer Early Type
- Hetzer Tank Destroyer Production Version Around July 1944
- Large-Area Blurred Camouflage Painting and Weathering
- Takom 1/35 38(t) Light Tank Destroyer Hetzer Early Type (Interior Excluded Limited Edition)
- Hetzer Tank Destroyer, BMM Production in August 1944
- Reproduction of Light and Shadow Camouflage with Masking
- Tamiya 1/35 German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid-Production Version
- Hetzer Tank Destroyer, January 1945 Production Version
- Reproduction with Winter Camouflage for January 1945 Production (Late Type)
- Takom 1/35 38(t) Light Tank Destroyer Hetzer Late Type with Full Interior
- Hetzer Tank Destroyer Command Vehicle Late Production Version
- Late Period Skoda 3-Color Camouflage Hand-Painted with Acrylic Paint
- Dragon 1/35 WW.II German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Command Tank
- Hetzer Tank Destroyer "Starr" June 1945, Skoda Manufacturing
- Paint Division Method with Pre-Cut Cloud-Shaped Masking Decals
- Trumpeter 1/35 German Tank Destroyer "Starr"

B5 size, full-color, 136 pages
Released on April 30,2024
Price: 2600 yen / 2860 yen (including 10% tax)

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